Roast Battle London • every Friday • at The Bill Murray

The show that turns smack talk into an art form! Roast Battle London puts top comedians head-to-head in a battle of wit and put-downs.

🎭 Roast Battle London 🎭 every Friday at 11:00 PM
at The Bill Murray, 39 Queen’s Head St, London N1 8NQ, United Kingdom

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RULES: The show consists in 5 original roast jokes each, the acts take turns and the winner will be decided by a pannel of professional comedians. No physical contact. The battlers have to hug at the end.

“Undeniably, Roast Battle doesn’t fail to live up to its expectations, serving to showcase a no-holds-barred contest of comedic athleticism, brazen putdowns and lightning-fast comebacks.” ★★★★★ Broadway Baby

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